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The Future is now


The Future is now

The future is now

The future of automotive air conditioning is driven by various trends, such as increasing attention to environmental sustainability. Car manufacturers will likely continue to develop more energy-efficient air conditioning systems that use refrigerants and more environmentally friendly components.

According to the Global State of Transport and Climate Change report, published in 2018 by more than 40 international organizations, motor vehicles are responsible for 14% of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the leading cause of global warming and climate change on the planet. This is very worrying.  

Therefore, adopting sustainability is vital to mitigate these impacts and preserve the planet. By reducing carbon emissions, improving fuel efficiency, and adopting cleaner manufacturing processes, automotive companies can play a key role in tackling climate change and environmental degradation.  

Governments around the world are concerned. Many are enacting stricter environmental regulations to reduce pollution and promote sustainability.  

Consumers are also increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, are looking for green alternatives, and are more likely to support companies that prioritize sustainability. Automotive companies offering electric vehicles are well-positioned to capture this growing market segment and build brand loyalty.

Innovation is the way forward 

The pursuit of sustainability often stimulates innovation. Companies that invest in research and development of greener technologies, such as electric vehicles or hydrogen fuel cells, stand out as pioneers in a competitive market.

Environmental regulations around the world are increasing. This has led researchers to look for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. The increasing pace of global warming and the risks associated with climate change have forced the automotive industry to develop and produce robust air-conditioning compressors for electric vehicles, for example. While conventional AC compressors are driven by V-belts and pulleys, AC compressors for electric vehicles work with electric motors integrated into the vehicle’s electrical grid. The design architecture of electric cars makes AC compressors that work with electric motors more efficient than their conventional counterparts. All this technology brings faster vehicle interior cooling with less coolant compared to automotive AC compressors that run on pulleys and V-belts. 

Products with guaranteed quality, efficiency, durability, and performance 

At Qualy Air, we work with quality products that aim to create a healthier environment. Enter our website to learn about our range of electrical components and parts. We offer items of proven excellence in the automotive market that will guarantee you comfort and well-being on your day-to-day road trips around the country.

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