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Cabin filter: the real x-ray for your vehicle


Cabin filter: the real x-ray for your vehicle

Cabin filter: the real x-ray for your vehicle

The cabin filter eliminates components such as dust mites and bacteria, preventing respiratory and dermatological problems for the vehicle's occupants. It's worth noting that the air doesn't become pure, but it greatly reduces the chances of people inhaling particles that are harmful to their health.

The cabin filter is made of a material similar to paper but porous. The air passes through it, and impurities become trapped in the filter element, thus reducing heat exchange and straining the air conditioning motor and the rest of the components.

When the element becomes full of dark dirt particles, and you start to smell certain odors, it's time to replace it. Tears or gaps in the paper and differences in each fold are also symptoms of problems. Greenish stains, along with oil, indicate that there may be a leak in the evaporator. In this way, the cabin filter becomes an x-ray for your vehicle.

How do I apply the cabin filter correctly?

To ensure the correct application of the cabin filter, you need to pay attention to the flow direction indications on the side of the part. If it is fitted incorrectly, its functions will be impaired. As a result, the component will saturate more quickly, causing the air conditioning to lose efficiency. 

The proliferation of fungi and bacteria is a very common factor in cabin filters when they have not been replaced for a long time. 

When should I change the cabin filter?

If you notice any defects in the air conditioning, especially a loss of ventilation power, the source is probably the filter. 

But there are also other symptoms, such as a bad smell and fogged-up interior windows. This is because the function of the equipment is precisely to retain the entry of pollutants, soot, dust, animal hair, and other waste. These components gradually accumulate. 

Changing the cabin filter means reducing the risk of contracting colds, allergies, and possible damage to the air conditioning. 

Always opt for preventive maintenance before corrective maintenance.

Conclusion: Regular checks are essential to avoid future problems

The recommended interval between each inspection varies depending on where the vehicle is driven. If you drive, for example, in urban centers, it is advisable to check once a month. In places with a lot of dust, it should be checked every 15 days, accompanied by cleaning.

It's worth remembering, however, that not every vehicle has a cabin filter. In this case, no changes to the system are recommended.
Sanitizing the air conditioning is essential.

If your vehicle's air conditioning system is dirty, it means that to reach a certain temperature, it will have to be left on for longer at higher power, resulting in higher fuel consumption and battery drain.

Don't forget to check your vehicle's handbook. It usually answers most of your questions.


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