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Confortable and safe journeys for passengers


Confortable and safe journeys for passengers

Electric Buses are reality right now

The U.S. government's investment in electric buses represents a significant step towards modernizing and making public transportation more sustainable in the country. With an allocation of $1.7 billion for the acquisition of low-emission buses in 46 states, this plan aims to improve air quality and passenger comfort.

Sustainability and Efficiency in Transportation

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration will be responsible for distributing these funds, which will enable the purchase of approximately 1,800 electrified buses. More than 50% of these vehicles will be fully electric, contributing significantly to reducing the carbon footprint of public transportation nationwide.
In cities like New York, where buses transport over 760 million passengers annually, the importance of reliable air conditioning systems cannot be underestimated. Imagine traveling on a stuffy bus during the summer or a freezing one during the winter due to air conditioning malfunction. It would be an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience for passengers.

QualyAir: The best solution for bus Air conditioning components

That's why companies like Qualy Air play a crucial role in providing the necessary components for bus air conditioning maintenance. With a wide range of parts available, bus owners and fleets can ensure their vehicles are equipped with efficient and functional climate control systems.

At Qualy Air, we understand the importance of keeping buses in optimal condition to ensure comfortable and safe journeys for passengers. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and quality solutions that meet the needs of the public transportation industry. Don't waste time searching for parts elsewhere; we're here to help you in the best way possible. Trust us to provide the necessary components and ensure passenger comfort on every journey.

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